Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bleached hair!

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For a really long time, I doubted if I would colour my hair. Coloured hair definitely looked great on other people. But every time I thought of me colouring my hair, doubt hit me and I postponed the decision.

I’m not going to the hairdresser as much as I should. When you want your hair to be healthy and shiny at all time, you should have a hair cut quarterly. So every three months you need to get rid of your split ends. I’m aware of that, but I cannot help myself but going just twice a year. So that was in fact the main reason for not taking a risk on colouring my hair. Because that meant I needed to go to my hairdresser every single month to not get any outgrowth. 

Last February I decided to ask my hairdresser how she could help me. My natural hair is curly, thick and dark blond and after all this years I had enough of my old boring coiffure. I wanted something more vivid and frisky.

She came up with the perfect solution for me. She bleached my hair with a natural bleaching product. The very first time she just applied a bit at the top layer of my hair, so I could get used to the effect. I loved it immediately. My hair had some different shades of its natural colour in it. It was just like my hair was naturally bleached by the sun all summer long. And most important, there was no outgrowth. Just like hair turns darker in the winter, it did and still looked natural.

The next time she applied the bleaching product all over my hair. Knowing that I have no colouring on my hair but however some kind of ‘special effect’ makes me really happy and confident. Now I have a lighter blond vivid hairstyle.

So I would recommend this to everyone, who wants to bring his or her hair more alive. It’s not only working for blond people, also people with brown hair could perfectly bleach their hair!


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