Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall 2013 according to Annelies and Laetitia!

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* Oversized shirts and sweaters: 

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You can’t have a fashionable fall unless you have some of these oversized shirts. They can be casual, cosy, daring,…Combine with some of the following trends and success guaranteed!

* studs:

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You can wear them on your scarf, your shoes, your garments, your hair accessories, jewellery,… But be careful, be subtle and don’t overdo it.

TIP! : Take a look how we pimp our own t-shirts with studs!

* Slim fit trousers: 

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Tight fitting trousers are fashionable a long time by now. Necessarily you need a number of them in your closet, even fall 2013!

* Tartan:

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It’s hot in high fashion right now, but you can easily find clothing peaces in tartan in clothing stores like Forever 21, H&M,…The are all coming up with this new trend.

* Classic prints:

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They are so neutral and basic that you can add them to almost every outfit you’re wearing.

* Leopard print:

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Go for this print in another colour like for example blue or red. It will give you outfit something extra-special.

* Fall colours:

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Emerald green, Bordeaux, Caramel are the more gentle colours this fall. But if you like, different shades of blue and green, red, orange and even pink are allowed as well this fall.

* Layers:

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Mix textures with your trousers, skirts, and tops. It will bring your outfit to life.

* Leather:

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Leather can be sporty, exciting, or extremely womanly. It depends on the way you combine and show it off your outfit. 

* Ankle boots:

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With elegant high heels or rather comfortable without. It doesn’t matter this fall.

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