Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our first blog post!

3:27 PM
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We’re Laetitia and Annelies and this is our first blog post!
We’re so excited to share our inspirations, ideas and projects with you all. We’ll be blogging about all sorts of topics, but mostly about beauty and DIY. Laetitia will be focusing on crafts and projects, while Annelies will write more about make-up and hair.
But first of all, we would like to excuse us if we make any errors in writing. English is not our native language, therefore we do not master it like most of you will. But we will give it our best shot.
Also, we are not professional bloggers, we do this just for fun. Nonetheless, if you have any questions or recommendations, let us know! If you do not agree with something we’ve written on our blog, contact us. Your comments will definitely help us to improve our blog. You can contact us by email or use the contact form, you can find both at the page ‘about us’. And don’t forget to leave a comment!
We hope you’ll enjoy your time on our blog.

Love, Annelies & Laetitia. 
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