Friday, October 11, 2013

Photo Magnets

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If you’re looking for a perfect DIY birthday gift, this is it. Use your own photos and make magnets with them! A great way to use those holiday photos and make sure you see them every day.

You’ll need Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, crown corks, magnetic tape, glue and a print out of the photos. The magnetic tape can be a bit expensive, mine was €25 or about $30, but as you can see, it's goes a long way.
The first step to make these magnets is to cut out the photos. Make sure they fit perfectly inside the crown cork and glue them in place. Then you’ll add a layer of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (this product is so great for crafting!). At first it’ll be a thick layer and not transparent. Don’t worry, that’s normal, it will clear in a few hours.

Once filled, you let the soon-to-be-magnets dry overnight. But in the first hours of the drying process, check on them a couple of times, it is possible that little air bubbles start forming. If so, pop them using a needle. Also, it's wise to cover them up (I used a towel) whilst drying: this way no dust can fall into the still wet layer of Dimensional Magic.

Once they are all dried and hardened, cut a piece of the magnetic tape and stick it on the other side of the bottle caps. And that’s that!

Enjoy your new photo magnets – or make someone happy with them!
Love, Laetitia

PS: Make sure you print out the photos a few days in advance. I didn't at first and the ink reacted with the Mod Podge, causing it to fade. 
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