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Review: Ultra Rich Conditioner

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Ultra Rich Conditioner Dry Hair with Shea Butter

This new conditioner I have is absolutely wonderful. I bought it in L’Occitane en Provence, a shop specialized in all kinds of beauty products such as skincare, body care and fragrance who rely on traditional production methods. Most of their products have specific strong aromas based on herbs, flowers, fruits and similar things. Personally I am not a huge fan of the fact that I would smell like a lavender plant when I take a bath. But if you love these kinds of aromas, you should definitely visit one of their shops. They have great products.

I decided to try this one to repair my hair. Because I use my hair dryer and hair straightener a lot, my hair gets dry and damaged easily. Furthermore I like the smell of this conditioner. Unlike what I said before, this one hasn't got a very strong aroma. It has a light scent of milk, which I really like.

I’m not using it as my deep conditioner, but just as my daily one. I’m using it now for two weeks and already noticed a difference in my hair. It feels silky and really soft right afterward. It definitely moisturizes my hair and prevents split ends. It benefits my curly thick hair, which is not always easy to handle.

This conditioner is a little more expensive of what I am used to give for a daily conditioner. It costs about 15 EUR / 20 USD for a 200 ml tube. But I think for now it’s worth the money. Also because it is a traditional made biological productBy the way, you don't have to use a whole lot. A little goes a long way.


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