Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Special care with horse milk

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Special care is a cream suitable for an extremely dry, sensitive or just an unpure problem skin in any way. Thanks to the high percentage of pure natural horse’s milk, this cream can have a positive influence on different skin problems, like spots, allergic reactions, rash…. Horse’s milk certainly consists of a lot of vitamins and minerals, so it’s extremely healthy.

This cream can be used for the whole body, but I like to use it for my face most of the time. It is easily absorbed and does not make your skin feel creamy afterwards. Actually it makes your skin really soft and moisturized.

I bought it from a horse dairy farm in Lier, not far from Antwerp. They also have cleansing cream, facial lotion, day care, night care, hand care, pedi care… But I’m very positive you can find these cosmetics with horse milk in other similar places or even stores who are specialized in natural cosmetics. If not, I recommend you to visit or contact this horse dairy farm in Lier!

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