Sunday, February 2, 2014

3 Films Worth Watching!

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These 3 movies are slightly different to what I use to watch in general. Most of the time I would just like to go for an 'easy' movie. One, you should not think to much with and just have fun. So the newest chick flicks, comedies, romantic stories, what I'm watching on an everyday evening.

But sometimes I feel the urge to watch something different. A story that gives more than just an ordinary story the same as almost 100 other fims made the last two years. I'm not being disdainful to what I call 'easy movies' because I like them very much myself. And I use to watch them on a weekly basis or when I have a girlsnight with my friends. But I'm just saying that every now and then I need to see somthing else than that.

Here are 3 films that I think are 'different', ofcourse in my eyes. So I would strongly advise you to watch them.

* The China Syndrome
Cast, Storyline, Details,...IMDb : The China Syndrome

* Priest

Cast, Storyline, Details,...IMDb: Priest

* Un Long Dimanche de Fian├žailles
Cast, Storyline, Details,...IMDb : Un Long Dimanche De Fian├žailles
Have fun watching! And if you have more suggestions for me, please leave a comment!

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