Saturday, July 12, 2014

DIY Photo Letter

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I was looking for the perfect birthday gift for one of my friends. I always enjoy crafting a gift myself and I usually look for a way to use photos. This because we all have hundreds or thousands of photos on our computers but don't really enjoy them. That's a shame! So here's a birthday present idea that you can make yourself and use as much photos as you like.

What you need:
  • ytong block
  • printout of letter
  • saw
  • file
  • primer and paint
  • glue
  • photo prints

STEP 1: Draw the letter on the ytong block, use the printout to get this just right.

STEP 2: Use a saw to form the letter and a file on the edges.

 STEP 3: Use a primer to prep the letter for the layer of paint you'll be adding later.

STEP 4: Paint the letter in the color of your choice. I chose silver, I though it would match beautifully with the black and white photos.

STEP 5: Cut out the photos to match the form of the letter. Glue them on and apply pressure for a few hours to make sure they stick (any weight will do, I used a melon at one point!).

And you've got your beautiful result! What do you think?

Love, Laetitia

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