Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Five Must-Watch TV Shows This Fall

3:25 PM
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Now that the weather is changing, there's nothing better than crawling on the couch under a blanket and watch a good TV show. Here's the five must see series this fall and winter. Enjoy!

How To Get Away With Murder
A group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor become involved in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their lives.

One Big Happy
A lesbian and her straight guy friend decide to have a baby together. Then, the guy falls in love and the situation gets even more complicated.

True Detective
The lives of two detectives, Rust Cohle and Martin Hart, become entangled during a 17-year hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana.

Last Man On Earth
The survival of the human race depends on two strangers forced to come together despite their differences.

Bad Judge
A hard-living, sexually unapologetic woman who plays with the law, and whose life on the edge is constantly in balance as she also happens to be a judge in the Criminal Court system.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Spotted: Belted Scarf Look

1:54 PM
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Spotted as a new fall trend, is this original way to wear your scarf this season. Use a cute belt to hold the scarf in place in front of you. It's almost like wearing a blouse! It's the perfect way to overcome these colder days without digging up those winter jackets just yet. See here some examples of how it's done.

Source: Find a Style

Source: Fancy House Road

Source: A Love is Blind
What do you think? Would you wear your scarf this way?

Love, Laetitia

Friday, October 10, 2014

Cheap Monday Pop Up Antwerp

10:48 PM
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The Swedish jeans brand Cheap Monday celebrated their tenth anniversary in an original way!

The concept was really simple but symbolic. At 10am local time today – the 10th day of the 10th calendar month – the brand handed out 1.000 pairs of jeans in Antwerp, just as they did in nine more cities like for example Hong Kong and Madrid. Just a 10 minute pop-up in 10 world cities handing out 10.000 pairs of jeans! That's how you celebrate fashion!

It was so cool, we never thought twice whether we would attend this lovely pop-up event. Unfortunately, there were so many enthusiastic people and such an excited crowd that not one of us actually managed tot get one of these pairs of jeans within the 10 minutes. We were quite disappointed with the fact we didn't get our jeans. However it was a lovely concept!

Love, Annelies

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Early Halloween Inspiration

2:57 PM
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Being the second week of October already, Halloween is only a good three weeks away! I'm a real sucker for it, so I'm already searching for inspiration online. Candy, food, decorations, costumes... There's something really special about Halloween, if you ask me. Too bad that here in Belgium, people don't celebrate it like in other parts of the world. We don't all dress up to go trick-or-treating and decorate our entire house. At most, we carve a pumpkin and watch a scary movie. Still, I love it. So I wanted to share with you what I've already found. Enjoy! If you have any tips or tricks to make this year's Halloween, the best Halloween ever, please let me know and leave a comment!

1) Decorate your house or garden with scary eyes! This is a project I did last year. Click here to find the tutorial.

2) Why only carve pumpkins?

3) Candy Apple Ghosts

 4) Gravestone Cookies

 5) Guacamole Barfing Pumpkin

6) Owl Cookies

7) Window Decorations

8) Spider Eggs

9) Pumpkin Inception
Source: 9GAG

Feel inspired yet?
Can't wait!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

We're Back!

8:48 PM
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Hi everyone!

Due to some technical difficulties, we've been gone for a while here on our beloved Sadly, the problems took longer than expected to resolve. But no worries, we're back! Alive and kicking, with lots of brand new ideas and goals. We hope to welcome you all often, here on our blog. If you have any questions or remarks, be sure to let us know, there's a contact form on the 'about us' tab.
Source: tumblr

Autumn is in the air, perfect season for some awesome DIY projects. Also, with the weather changing, it's finally time to go back to tights, skirts, (ankle) boots, cozy sweaters and lots of hot chocolate. Love it!

Enjoy and get inspired!


Laetitia and Annelies