Friday, October 10, 2014

Cheap Monday Pop Up Antwerp

10:48 PM
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The Swedish jeans brand Cheap Monday celebrated their tenth anniversary in an original way!

The concept was really simple but symbolic. At 10am local time today – the 10th day of the 10th calendar month – the brand handed out 1.000 pairs of jeans in Antwerp, just as they did in nine more cities like for example Hong Kong and Madrid. Just a 10 minute pop-up in 10 world cities handing out 10.000 pairs of jeans! That's how you celebrate fashion!

It was so cool, we never thought twice whether we would attend this lovely pop-up event. Unfortunately, there were so many enthusiastic people and such an excited crowd that not one of us actually managed tot get one of these pairs of jeans within the 10 minutes. We were quite disappointed with the fact we didn't get our jeans. However it was a lovely concept!

Love, Annelies

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