Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Early Halloween Inspiration

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Being the second week of October already, Halloween is only a good three weeks away! I'm a real sucker for it, so I'm already searching for inspiration online. Candy, food, decorations, costumes... There's something really special about Halloween, if you ask me. Too bad that here in Belgium, people don't celebrate it like in other parts of the world. We don't all dress up to go trick-or-treating and decorate our entire house. At most, we carve a pumpkin and watch a scary movie. Still, I love it. So I wanted to share with you what I've already found. Enjoy! If you have any tips or tricks to make this year's Halloween, the best Halloween ever, please let me know and leave a comment!

1) Decorate your house or garden with scary eyes! This is a project I did last year. Click here to find the tutorial.

2) Why only carve pumpkins?

3) Candy Apple Ghosts

 4) Gravestone Cookies

 5) Guacamole Barfing Pumpkin

6) Owl Cookies

7) Window Decorations

8) Spider Eggs

9) Pumpkin Inception
Source: 9GAG

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