Wednesday, December 24, 2014

DIY Photo Gift Labels

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If you're looking for a (very) last minute but cute idea to pimp your gift wrapping, look no further!
Here's how you make your own personalized gift labels.

What you need:
- Wooden gift labels
- Transfer medium gel
- Photos
- Sponge
- Fixation spray

1. Choose your labels and lay them next to each other. Cut out your photos so that they have the right size to fit on those labels.

2. Take your transfer medium gel and apply an even layer of the gel on both the label and the photo.

3. Place the photo on the label, the ink facing down. Let it dry or use a hairdryer. Make sure there are no air bubbles! They will ruin your photo.

4. Once completely dry, take a sponge and rub off the paper, revealing the photo underneath. This might take a while and has to be done in different stages. Rub off the first layer and then wait a while, you'll see a white haze coming back. It took me 3 to 4 times to get off all the excess paper.

5. Add a layer of fixation spray (or an extra layer of transfer medium gel), to fixate the colors and make it shine. 

While the 4th step is a bit messy, this DIY is quite easy! Now you have a very personal way of giving your presents to your loved ones. And the labels also can be used as a cute Christmas tree ornament!



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