Saturday, January 17, 2015

Photo Candles

7:31 PM
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Since I'm always looking for the perfect, personal gift for my friends and family, and I love candlelight, photo candles were just meant to happen. Here's how you can transfer a photo onto a candle!

What you need:
- Candles (I found simple white ones work best)
- Wax paper
- Tracing paper
- Hair Dryer

Step 1: print out your favorite photos onto the tracing paper.
Step 2: cut out the photos and try to leave as little border as possible.
Step 3: place the photos on the candle with the ink facing outside.
Step 4: take a piece of wax paper and cover the photo with it.
Step 5: use your hair dryer and go over the photo until you see the wax paper melting (use an oven mitt!).
Step 6: peel off the wax paper and your photo is attached to the candle.

Easy peasy right? I recommend to not light up the candle, since the paper is now part of it and might catch fire once the flame reaches it. Just make them decorative candles, they're pretty enough!

Love, Laetitia

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ice Crystal Marquee

4:09 PM
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Finding daily inspiration on the internet isn't that hard, there are thousands of websites that feature the most awesome projects. Yet one of those websites is my absolute favorite: A Beautiful Mess. They gave me this great idea to make a giant ice crystal marquee! If you, like me, are sad that all the christmas lights are taken down by now, here's a piece of decor that is fit to stay all winter! The DIY used to make this beautiful statement decoration is this one.

I thought this was so stunning, I just had to make one myself.

What you need:
- jig saw
- drill
- wood board
- lights
- duct tape

Here's how I made this Ice Crystal:

Take a large enough wood board and use a jigsaw to form the ice crystal.
Use a drill to make holes for the lights.

Paint the crystal white, multiple layers are recommended.

Take your lights and put one in every hole.
Use duct tape to hold the wires in place on the back of the ice crystal.
I used regular lights, and fitted plastic flowers over them for this beautiful effect.

Pretty right?

Love, Laetitia

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Photo App Discovery: LongExpo

1:36 PM
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A few weeks ago, I was in London on city trip. We visited the Natural History Museum and while standing in the beautiful hall, I remembered an app I've had on my phone for a long time, but never tried: LongExpo.

LongExpo is an app that allows you to have a longer shutter time that normal, which creates a very cool effect.

Here's the photo I took:

See how all the people that were moving at the time I took the photo, are faded, while the rest of the building stays sharp? That's the effect that long exposure has. I really like the way this photo turned out and can't wait to try it again!

For those interested, here you can find the app in the App Store:
The app sadly does not seem to exist on Android, but I found a similar one:
Get it on Google Play

Love, Laetitia