Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Photo App Discovery: LongExpo

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A few weeks ago, I was in London on city trip. We visited the Natural History Museum and while standing in the beautiful hall, I remembered an app I've had on my phone for a long time, but never tried: LongExpo.

LongExpo is an app that allows you to have a longer shutter time that normal, which creates a very cool effect.

Here's the photo I took:

See how all the people that were moving at the time I took the photo, are faded, while the rest of the building stays sharp? That's the effect that long exposure has. I really like the way this photo turned out and can't wait to try it again!

For those interested, here you can find the app in the App Store:
The app sadly does not seem to exist on Android, but I found a similar one:
Get it on Google Play

Love, Laetitia

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