Sunday, February 22, 2015

Photo Tea Light Holders

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Here I am again with an idea to use your beautiful photos around the house. A cute present idea maybe, for these last dark weeks until spring arrives? I'm talking about photo tea light holders! The candle light shines through the photo, creating a stunning effect.

What you need:
- Glass tea light holders
- Tea lights
- Photos printed on self adhesive foil

The how-to is very easy, just peel off the back side of your foil and place on the sides of the glass holders. You can only do one of the four sides for a more subtle effect, or do go all out and do every side (like I did). Both are great. I used rubber gloves while doing this, to avoid ugly fingerprints on the photos. The most important thing you have to watch out for are air bubbles. They mess up the whole thing. The first time I tried this project, a lot of the photos had those air bubbles in them and it wasn't a pretty sight. Second time went much better, so as they say: practice makes perfect.

Cute right? Let me know how yours turned out!

Love, Laetitia

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