Saturday, May 30, 2015

Urban Exploring!

8:56 AM
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I got some really weird obsession with urban exploring. I don’t do it myself, but I can’t stop watching footage and reading about it. In my opinion it's extremely fascinating how you can relive and learn about what happened to a certain place or building, usually abandoned ruins.

Urbex or Urban Exploring is exploring and photographing of forbidden and abandoned places. It can be basically anything from abandoned factory halls to abandoned castles, industrial areas, underground tunnels, military bases, fortresses and old houses and mansions. But also bigger areas like for example ghost towns, left holiday villages and abandoned amusement parks are very interesting  to explore. Every place got its own story to tell, it's absolutely fascinating. But it's always better if you get some information on the history of the place in advance. It helps you understand better once you're actually there and experiencing it. 

If I ever get the chance to do so myself, I totally would. Although, I am aware of the fact that this activity presents various risks, including for example physical danger (asbestos, collapses, floods,…)  as well as the possibility of being caught and eventually being punished for trespassing private property.

Disclaimer: I'm not encouraging to get out there and explore wherever you feel like going. Always be careful, take health- and safety precautions and also never vandalise.