Saturday, June 20, 2015

Discovering the 'She Shed'

11:25 PM
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Have you discovered the She Shed yet? It's the female version of the Man Cave, only so much better and cuter of course! Where as the male version is dark, usually in a basement and filled with geeky stuff (or so we imagine it), a woman's she shed is a light, beautiful, outdoor place to relax, drink a cocktail with friends or read a book.

Sounds great, right? Here's some inspiration to build your own!

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Love, Laetitia

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wine Cork Key Chain

11:20 AM
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Hi guys!

If your hubby, best friend, big sis, parent... loves their wine, I have a easy and quick DIY idea for them! All you need is a wine cork of their favorite wine, which can't be that hard to get a hold of ;)

Supplies needed: wine cork, wire, pliers, hammer and a large nail.

Step 1: take the wine cork and use the hammer and nail to make a small hole from top to bottom.
Step 2: take a piece of wire, a little longer than twice the length of the cork. Fold the wire in the middle so that the two ends meet each other on the other side. Kind of a U shape that you press together until it's almost a I.
Step 3: put the wire with the bent end first through the hole of the cork, until a little piece of the wire sticks out on the other end of the cork.
Step 4: use wire-shears to cut off the rest of the legs of the U that are still sticking out, and bend the little ends flat against the bottom of the wine cork. Press them down well, so they can't hurt anyone.


Attach a key ring on the bent end and you've got yourself a original key chain for a wine lover!
This project was made in under 10 minutes, so it's even perfect for a last minute gift idea.


Love, Laetitia